Henry Freya

Freya: Where is we Henry??? I thought we were flying to Mew York City, but this looks like the Crowley's wine cellar to me.

Henry: Don't worry, Freya ... we're in the right place (I think). Besides, I think you mean the Crowley's storm cellar. That's where we went when the tornadito hit.

Freya: That was furry scarey. I'm glad we weren't touring the ranch when it hit. But I'm more scared now, Henny ... it's so dark in here. How is anykitty going to see my new dress, if the lights don't come on?

Henry: (I was wondering that myself ... maybe there's been a power failure, but I don't want to alarm Freya) ... I suppose that Shibui and Tucker thought a reception by candlelight would be more romantic.

Queen Bisty Sammye

Queen Bitsy: Where are the candles? And don't you think the guests had enough romance at the wedwink. Is there any food in this room?

Sammy: (I was wondering that myself, but I better not mention that to da Qween) Here's a little snack ... this will tide mew ofur until the reception begins.

Queen Bitsy: I can't see it in the dark ... did you say that it's lobster?

Sammy: (I didn't say, but she's asking fur it!) It's some tasty leftovers frum the Royal Kitchen.

Queen Bitsy: I'm sorry I asked. You best save those for the guests. Anyway, I've been assured that there will be enough lobsters to feed a Queen's army. Wait ... I think I hear voices coming from another room. Do you think we're in the wrong place?

Sammy: I don't know. I just followed Henry and Freya ... they looked like they knew where they were going.


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