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Shibui & Tucker

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Aylesbury Bucks England UK

Comments:   It was so lovely to be invited to webwink Wedding it was all so beautiful and was introduces to kitty from UK PUR all best Samuel

April 15 2001

Joyce Ellen Knickerbocker
Arlington United States

Comments:   What can I say? I cried.

March 18 2001

Scottsdale AZ

Comments:   Just had to thank you again. My goodness, the buffet was wonderfurr. You had ample - there was even some left after Queen Bitsy was there. Freya is still dancing that tango at the reception - and may be there all night. Me? I'm going to relax in the garden and then maybe visit the buffet again.

March 02 2001

BugBug Milliken
Catuary By the Sea USA

Comments:   Mes, Dearest Shibui and Tucker, I had such a wonderfur time. Did mew see me dancing with my handsome grandpurr, Jason? (Bugsy is all smiles>) Can I call mew Auntie and Uncle now? hee eeh. Hugs and Purrs, Sage Lucinda BugBug

Fri Feb 23 00:01:31 2001 CST

The Kittens Milliken
Catuary by the Sea USA

Comments:   Mews, Dear Shibui and Tucker, thank mew so much fur inviting all of us to mewr wedwink. Oh, Mew, It was just beautifur. May your lives truly be blessed with happiness and longevity. Purrs from all of us.

Thu Feb 22 23:59:21 2001 CST

Fur Angel BabyCat
Catuary by the Sea - The Rainbow Bridge

Comments:   I am wishing meeeew both tons of happiness from the Rainbow Bridge. I know mew will always be happy together.

Thu Feb 22 23:55:11 2001 CST

Illinois USA

Comments:   What a beautiful wedwink! *sniff* *sniff* So touching! And those chocolates were scrumptious! Everyone looked lovely! Wishing Tucker and Shibui a glorious life together and much happiness! Purrsies!

Wed Feb 21 14:39:51 2001 CST

Smokey Girl
Weatherford, Texas USA

Comments:   What a breath-taking ceremony. Thank you so much for inviting me to your wed-wink. I had a wonderful time. Everything was so purrty. And so many kitties! With no hissing or anything. The ranch was transformed into a bit of paradise. I will remember it always.

Sun Feb 18 21:36:23 2001 CST

Simon and Pepper

Comments:   Mew mew mew Grandmewie Shibui. We had a fantastic time at mewr wedwinking. We love mew and our new grandpaw Tucker. Purrs and kisses, your grandkits Simon and Pepper

Sun Feb 18 11:20:00 2001 CST

Felix Kendall
Longview, Texas

Comments:   Everything was Beautiful !

Sat Feb 17 22:19:12 2001 CST

Ms Pepe
Catlifornia USA

Comments:   I had a wonderfur time at diz grand event! It waz such a romantic ceremonie an I am so happie I waz inbited. I saw so manie furriends it waz mind boggling. heehee Many yearz of happiness are wished fur da bride an groom!

Sat Feb 17 01:47:40 2001 CST

Missy, Kiki Noel and Calli Stanley
Formerly TX Hill Country,
now St Louis, MO USA

Comments:   Mewr wedding was beautifur..and the food waz outstanding... Tis waz our furst trip to Mew York City.. and what a grand time we had... May mew havf 9 lives of bliss....

Fri Feb 16 17:59:29 2001 CST

Lady Blue
Pasadena, Texas USA

Comments:   What an absolutely wonderful wedding!! To have Queen Midnight perform the ceremony and even be at the reception! All of the gowns and tuxs were awesome. May mewr loves together be filled with happiness.

Fri Feb 16 13:02:42 2001 CST


Comments:   What a luffley wedwinking meow .You all looked beautiful***** Every one looks grande... We fink my brufur Puffer and his wink is hiding cause we never find him dar doo.. wonder where he is.. Hope they didnt elope er somting.. Purrs LuvKittys

Fri Feb 16 10:21:26 2001 CST

Philadelphia, PA USA

Comments:   Shibui and Tucker.........what a beautiful wedwinking. The bride looked gorgeous- and the groom is so handsome. I had a wonderful time. Good luck and best wishes. Love, Gigi (aka Shibui's Secret Pal)

Fri Feb 16 08:25:32 2001 CST

Colletti Crew
Furida USA

Comments:   Meow,& Concatulations Shibui & Tucker, What a lufurly wed wink. Mew looked so beautifur and catsome. We hope mew have the most wonderfur 9 lives togefur. We are off to the reception. Purrs,The Colletti Crew, Troubie, Moke, Sylvesta, Fluffers & Mr. Birdie

Fri Feb 16 02:38:44 2001 CST

Buddee Gill with partner Angel
Buddee, Melbourne Australia
Angel USA

Comments:   Dearest Shibui and Tucker, mew wedwinking is WONDERPURR and we are thrilled to have been invited! Thank you so much and I know I can speak for Jacques, his furriend Talulah and Yang when I say we have had a wonderful time and wish you and Tucker all the happiness in the world, may everyday be more beautiful than the last and may sunshine and moonlight always be with mew. Thank mew and Shibui mew made the most beautiful Bride, the georgous blue dress brought out the lovely blue of mew eyes, so furry elegant as always, Tucker mew looked just as catsome as a groom could look.

Thu Feb 15 23:48:55 2001 CST

Tik Tok
Houston TX USofA

Comments:   Dis wedwink is adorable. Every kitty is special and sooo purty. We of the Space Station Tik Tok are honored to have been invited! Good luck to the Bride and Groom!!

Thu Feb 15 22:56:03 2001 CST

Maggie, Tiffany & Amy Fisher
Summerville, S.C.

Comments:   A lovely ceremony - very beautiful cats! Wishin' youze the best of effuryting!

Thu Feb 15 22:30:50 2001 CST

Indiana US

Comments:   Diz wuz a vurrrrrrry beeutuful wedwink! Yez it wuz!! Wez sorree wez wer a day late butz wez gladz wez heer nowz. May da luvlee cuple habez a wundurful lyfe!! ((((Hugs))))

Thu Feb 15 18:54:15 2001 CST

Chloe, Maya, Sammy, Jacob, Noah, & Timmy O'Brien
Cincinnati, Ohio USA

Comments:   Congratulations and best wishes! What a lovely wedding!

Thu Feb 15 18:44:46 2001 CST

Vancouver, B.C. Canada

Comments:   What a lovely Wedwink! Concatulations to the New Honeymewners!

Thu Feb 15 18:13:20 2001 CST

The Wicked Twins
Maryland USA

Comments:   Thank mew so furry much fur inviting us and our winkwinks to this beautiful wedwinking. It's the loveliest Valentine's Day event we've evfur attended. The music was purrfect, the chocolates were so, so CHOCOLATE-LY, and *evfurrycat* was here and looking georgeous. Best wishes to you both and to your families.

Thu Feb 15 17:22:25 2001 CST

kelly lee
Austin.Texas USA

Comments:   Our very best to the two newly weds!! May you have a wonderful honeymoon and many children as beautiful as you are!!! Blackjack and Isis

Thu Feb 15 16:54:52 2001 CST

Sydney, Matilda, and Thorpedo
Forestburg, TX USA

Comments:   No entry

Thu Feb 15 15:45:18 2001 CST

Farley, Sunny, Monty, Mulligan & Adelaide Richard
Forestburg, TX USA

Comments:   No entry

Thu Feb 15 15:44:14 2001 CST

Misty SnowPuff Keedie Tang and Patches
Providence, RI USA

Comments:   oh, mew, mew we finally found the wedwink and saw it! Oh, it was so beautiful! Concatulations on mewr happy day! We hope mew will enjoy many happy years together in luff! Purrs and Best Wishes, Misty, SnowPuff, Keedie, Tang, and Patches P.S. Where was da cake???

Thu Feb 15 15:39:38 2001 CST

Misty SnowPuff Keedie Tang and Patches
Providence, RI USA

Comments:   Mew, we came to see the wedwink. but we can't get in. There doesn't seem to be any way to get to the ceremony that we can find. is it held up? we are disappointed. mewhoo! :( Purrs, Misty, SnowPuff, Keedie, Tang, and Patches

Thu Feb 15 15:12:11 2001 CST

robin r

Comments:   Conga-rats to the kitty couple. =^..^=

Thu Feb 15 14:42:36 2001 CST

Teri Eaton
Dallas, Texas US

Comments:   Very Beautiful! I love these charmers!

Thu Feb 15 14:27:29 2001 CST

NY usa

Comments:   Andrea this is just too cute. I spent over an hour just looking at this. Thanks for cheering me up. This was a wonderful valentines Day thing to do

Thu Feb 15 12:57:09 2001 CST


Comments:   My dear Shibui and Tucker, it was a lovely wedwink! Unfurtunately I could not make it to the reception, as I was shut in someone's cellar the whole time! When I finally clawed my way out I immediately went home and ate...and ate...and...zzzzzzzz

Thu Feb 15 09:34:14 2001 CST

Henry and Freya
Scottsdale, Arizona

Comments:   We are thrilled and delighted to be guests at this beautiful wedding. Shibui and Tucker, what a luffly couple you are. We wish you every happiness!! The whole event was THE social event of the season - with guests in elegant gowns, all looking beautiful - and the 'creme of catsociety' coming from all over the world. Such a thrill to be included.

Thu Feb 15 07:41:12 2001 CST

Gertrude, Eddie and C.H.U.
State of Unending Confusion USA

Comments:   What a wonderful ceremony! We eagerly awaited the nuptials, and though we regret we could not attend in purrson because of our CATZILLA premier, we are happy that you accepted our Wedwink gift card in our place. This was a grand and romantic ceremony and we really enjoyed seeing the guests digitally on our computer screen! You have so many good friends! We also very much enjoyed the mewsic, the Chopin Etude and the Bach piece are favorties of ours, but the dance mewsic was equally wonderpur. All in all it was a wonderful affair and we wish Shibui and Tucker every happiness in their life together. Thanks for inviting us and allowing us to contribute to your ebentful day!

Thu Feb 15 00:49:22 2001 CST

Baby Bird & The Johnson Cats
Ferdinand, Indiana US

Comments:   Congratulations! We are so very happy for you!

Wed Feb 14 19:38:08 2001 CST

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Comments received after Announcement and prior to Wedwink:

Jazzy Taylor
Washington DC USA

Comments:   This time tomorrow you will be wedwinked!! You make a beautiful couple. I'm very excited about celebrating your special day with you both.

Tue Feb 13 18:07:14 2001 CST

Baby and his wedwink Caroline
Florida USA, Gaea

Comments:   Concatulations on your wedwink. We know how wonderfurrrl wedwindom can be and we wish you the happiness you both deserve. May your married life be full of shrimp and ear licks and lots of kisses. Purries from Baby ad Caroline

Mon Feb 5 14:39:28 2001 CST

burnham england

Comments:   i am so happy fur mew!i hope you have a lovmy wedwink and Winklife!

Mon Feb 5 11:32:35 2001 CST

slough england

Comments:   mewmew everyone! Hope to see mew at the wedwink!

Mon Feb 5 11:27:13 2001 CST

Conor & Annie
Centreville, VA USA

Comments:   We are so pleased to attend mewr wedwink and wish all the happiness in the world on mewr special day!

Mon Jan 22 18:08:38 2001 CST

Georgia Furball / Pet Peeve / Unca Tim / Anti M
Preston Maryland U.S.of A.

Comments:   we iz soo hapee fur u boff. (sniff) GF

Tue Jan 16 01:20:42 2001 CST

Sissy G. and Molly G.
Catifurnia USA

Comments:   We are so excited. Mew are a wonderful couple, and we know, mew will be very happy. Concatulations.

Mon Jan 15 10:33:47 2001 CST

near Mew York City USA

Comments:   Hi, How lovely you both look. Best wishes to both of you. Can't wait for the wonderful wedded wink day! Wishing you much future happiness.

Purrs to the lovely couple, Mysty

Mon Jan 15 01:17:26 2001 CST

Ping, Pong & Sugar
Charlotte, NC USA

Comments:   Oh how beautifur! We wish mew guys all da bestest! We can't wait until da big day!

Sun Jan 14 21:02:40 2001 CST

Del Rio, Tx USA

Comments:   Concatulations!I hope mew will be furry happy. Happy single kittie purrs, otis

Sun Jan 14 18:28:56 2001 CST

Scully, Fox and Spud
State of enchantment viewing your pages!!!

Comments:   Your pages are just beautiful. We are anxiously awaiting the wedwink. We are sure to enjoy it also. We wish only the best for both of you and your families. See you at the wedwink!!!!

Sun Jan 14 15:54:05 2001 CST

Sassy Poisson
Atlanta, Georgia USA

Comments:   The big day is almost here. My whiskers are twitching I am so excited. We are all looking forward to being there at the ceremony. Can't wait to throw catnip rice at the happy couple. Tee hee!

Thu Jan 11 08:05:56 2001 CST


Comments:   Yur wed-winking pages iz furry nyce! Ize wish yu bofe lotsa happiness and minnie nipz an toonahz!

Wed Jan 10 17:59:44 2001 CST

Marvin, Red, Diego, Mia, and Sappho
Flagstaff AZ

Comments:   We all wish you the furry best together!! You are both beautiful, and we're glad you have each other to love! Best to your meowmies too, for putting this lovely occasion on!!! (From Marvin: Me an' Diego are espeshully proud that youz gotz such a purrty girrrrl...GO TABBY BROFURS!!)

Wed Jan 10 12:45:04 2001 CST

Baltimore, Maryland USA

Comments:   Concatulations to both of you...the Intrepid Trappers and their clan wish you long life and happiness together. We hope to be able to attend your wedwink on the 14th. love, kisses and nose nuzzles.

Wed Jan 10 11:20:08 2001 CST

Freya and Henry
Arizona USA

Comments:   I is soooooo happy fur you boff. I just knows your meowmies will giff you the loveliest wedding in da whole world. And Shibui - you wills be bootifurr. Freya - and Henry too

Fri Dec 1 10:09:07 2000 CST

The Purr Babies
Catlifornia USA

Comments:   How romantic! What a wonderfur event to look furward to! We're sure diz wed wink will be loverlie! We havf been exploring mewr webbie site an havfing a grand time!

Mon Nov 27 14:09:54 2000 CST

Sammy, Spike and Sasha Brewer
Ashdown, Arkansas

Comments:   Concatulations Shibui and Tucker!!! Spike and Sasha thought they were too old for love. I guess not. You have a lovely page. Kitty weddings are so lovely. Purrs, Sammy

Mon Oct 16 15:33:52 2000 CST

Dwnn & Taliesin (The Wicked Twins)

Comments:   oooh, what a loverly story. It's the most romantic thing we've heard since Tommye and Widgy agreed to become our winkwinks we know that you will be furry happy furevfur!

Mon Oct 2 13:31:21 2000 CST

Watson, Lil'Bit, Angel & Day-Late
Waukegan, IL usa

Comments:   Who says love is wasted on the young? Just shows that if you're young at heart anything is possible. Concatulations and Best Wishes for happiness always!

Tue Aug 29 18:07:51 2000 CST

Spyder & MGD
San Antonio, Texas USA

Comments:   Oh, concatulations and what a beautiful page to announce this happy occasion!!! Concats to both Shibui and Tucker! Mew make a lovely couple!

Thu Aug 24 04:04:27 2000 CST

Lady Blue
Pasadena , Texas USA

Comments:   Concatulations!! This is wonderful. May you both have a long and happy 9 lives together.

Sun Aug 20 14:37:51 2000 CST

Pepper Mille'

Comments:   Oh mew mew mew mew i iz so happy fur mew. Just shows us all that older cats can haf love too. teehee he must haf been cat=tivated by mewr baby blue eyes!

Sun Aug 20 13:59:36 2000 CST

Nikki and Nichie
Ft. Lauderdale, FL USA

Comments:   Congratulations! WOW a wedding - we LOVE them! We do wish you two the furry, furry best and happiness always!! Nik and I (Nich) are confirmed bachelors - but we are always glad to see others tie the knot, Purrs, Nikki and Nichie

Sat Aug 19 15:32:21 2000 CST

State of Catfusion Catdom

Comments:   I've waited effur so long fur this announcement, so I suppurrse I can wait until next Valentine's day fur the happy event! Concatulations to you both--you are furry lovely kitties and deserving of the best life has to offur.

Sat Aug 19 10:06:39 2000 CST

Melbourne Australia

Comments:  Oh Shibui and Tucker what a beautiful announcement, as befits two wonderful Cats. I am thrilled for mew both and wish mew efurry happiness. *sigh* a St. Valentine's Day Wedwinking, mew soooooooo romantic! I shall look forward with eager anticipating to attending and mew, I know my soul mate dear Baby Cat, will be with me, she will be looking down from the Rainbow Bridge and I know enjoying it so very much. Concatulations to mew both.

Fri Aug 18 03:20:54 2000 CDT

Sassy Poisson
Atlanta. Georgia

Comments:  Concatulations and Best Wishes to mew Shibui and Tucker. I think it is fantastic that mew found each other and fell in love. *sigh* Valentine's Day is a great day fur a Wedwinking. I know because that's the day Shadow and I got wedwinked this past year. Of course we will be there to share in the happy event. Purrs, Sassy

Thu Aug 17 22:45:26 2000 CDT

Simon and Pepper Poisson
Atlanta, Georgia

Comments:  Mew Dearest Grandmew Shibui, We are both so happy we are doing the kitty dance of joy! Mew and Tucker are just purrfect together. Valentines Day is such a romantic day to be wedwinked. Of course we will be there to celebrate this most wonderful event. Purrs, hugs and kisses from your Grandkits Simon and Pepper

Thu Aug 17 22:12:03 2000 CDT

BamBam, Mewsette and Phelicity
Springfield, Mo.

Comments:  Concatulations, dear Shibui, on your wonderfur mews! We are effur so happy fur you and Tucker. Haf a luffly wed-wink day and a furry happy life together!

Thu Aug 17 20:27:23 2000 CDT

Weatherford, Texas USA

Comments:  Congratulations! What a beautiful announcement. I'm looking forward to the happy day, now I must find something purrty to wear.

Wed Aug 16 13:17:45 2000 CDT

The Kittens Milliken
Fillmore, CA USA

Comments:  Mews, Dearest Shibui and Tucker. This is soooo super. Concatulations to both of mew. We are all so happy fur mew. I know BabyCat will be looking on from the Rainbow Bridge and cheering too. Purrs, all the Kittens Milliken

Tue Aug 15 15:15:32 2000 CDT

Sage Lucinda BugBug
Fillmore, CA USA

Comments:  Mews, Dearest Shibui, Concatmewlations!!! I am so furry excited fur mew. Now we will be relatives, since Jason is my Grand Purr. :) Wheeee. Bugsy

Tue Aug 15 15:13:33 2000 CDT

Blackie Jamison
Virginia USA

Comments:  Congratulations, you two! I look forward to seeing your wedding...you're quite a couple!

Wed Aug 2 12:21:52 2000 CDT

Silk and dakatgang!
Inman, SC USA

Comments:  Concatulashunz to yu bof! Mae yu bof hav wunnerful yeerz togeddur, and lotsa marital bliss!

Sat Jul 22 02:55:22 2000 CDT

Marion, Jade Victoria and Lucky

Comments:  What a beautiful couple you make! Wishing you many years of happiness! ConCATulations!!!

Fri Jul 21 20:33:26 2000 CDT

Dallas, Texas

Comments:  May you have a very long and happy union!

Fri Jul 21 13:05:28 2000 CDT

Ft. Worth, TX USA

Comments:  Congratulations, Shibui, my friend. I am sure the next 7 months will be very exciting as you plan the wink wink.

Fri Jul 21 11:25:46 2000 CDT

The Richard Cats
Forestburg, TX USA

Comments: No entry

Fri Jul 21 11:04:44 2000 CDT

Tilly and Milly

Comments:  We are happy you believe in long engagements. This will give Shibui time to come to her senses. If she doesn't, then ignore that comment and CONGRATULATIONS! P.S. Jackie said she loves the page. It is very pretty

Fri Jul 21 10:46:24 2000 CDT

Lotus, Nuckkie, Smudgie, Binky
New York United States

Comments:  Congratulations you two - you make a beautiful couple. Wishing you many years of love, good health and lots of catnip

Fri Jul 21 10:43:16 2000 CDT

Washington, DC

Comments:  No entry

Fri Jul 21 09:17:53 2000 CDT

Papi and Kookiez
Massachusetts USA

Comments:  Congradulations!! Wishing both of you the best!! :)

Fri Jul 21 08:37:54 2000 CST


Comments:  Best wishes for the happy couple.

Fri Jul 21 07:47:19 2000 CST

Dallas, Tx USA

Comments:  Congrats, you two. But remember birth control, so we don't have any babies that need homes. There are so many that need homes now.

Fri Jul 21 06:58:31 2000 CST


Comments:  Congratulations! What a beautiful couple you make!

Fri Jul 21 05:50:54 2000 CST

Tehachapi, CA USA

Comments:  You make such a lovely couple.. Wishing you both a long and happy life..

Fri Jul 21 02:37:36 2000 CST

the blacatz gang
San Antonio,TX USA

Comments:  You two make a furry purrty couple. Concatulations on yer engagement.

Fri Jul 21 01:27:03 2000 CST

All The Zoobies

Comments:  Dear Shibui and Tucker, We wish you all the best on your upcoming nuptials!

Thu Jul 20 22:12:37 2000 CST

Jason, Smokey & Lily-Belle Smith
Mew York City USA

Comments:  Tucker, how in the world did you pull this off? Shibui is such a lovely, elegant kitty. You don't deserve her! Oh, yes you do. You are a great big brother to us all. We wish you & darling Shibui every happiness. You do make a wonderful couple - your love shines like the stars above. Thank goodness you're making it legal - now you can stop sneaking off together. *tee hee* And we plan to have a wonderful time at the wedwink! Love to you both, Your little sisfurs Smokey & Lily-Belle, and your broffur Jason

Thu Jul 20 22:00:07 2000 CST

Dobbin, Midnight, Bogey & Frenchie
Wise County, Texas USA

Comments:  Concatulations & Best Wishes to Tucker and our sisfur Shibui! Valentine's Day is a long way off ... are mew sure mew don't want to elope?

Wed Jul 19 17:40:51 2000 CST

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