A Suite in the Catmore Hotel
  What's in the Bag?

Shibui: Just a few basics, Darling ... you did tell me to be prepared for anything, didn't you?

Tucker: Maybe I should have told you where we're going on our honeymoon ... but I wanted to surprise mew.

Shibui: I'll follow you to the ends of the earth, my Dearest ... but first we must tell our guests farewell.

Tucker: Yes, they're all waiting for you to toss your wedwink bouquet. Who do you think will catch it?

Shibui: Not even Sister Catrisha knows the answer to that question. I'm ready now ... but what about you? I thought you were going to wear the sweater that Dobbin knitted for you?

Tucker: I'll put it on when we leave; it's too hot to wear inside a crowded room.

Shibui: I hope you don't have a fever ... your eyes look a little glazed to me.

Tucker: Maybe I shouldn't have had that last glass of catnip wine.

Tucker rings for the bellcat, who carries their luggage to the limosine that waits to whisk them away on their honeymoon. He and Shibui ride the elevator to the second floor and enter the dessert room....


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Wallpaper courtesy of Victorian Elegance

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