WedWink Buffet at the Catmore Hotel

Frenchie Sunny Delight Sammy, courtesy of Queen Bitsy

Frenchie: Miaows, Sammye ... I'm back ... mission accomplished! I found Sunny in the cellar and we made a stopover in Boston to pick up Lloyd, one of Shibui and Tucker's friends from the Older Cats Society.

Sammy: Glad to meet ya, Sunny.

Sunny: I'm hungry, can I have an appetizer?

Sammy: Sure ... have one of these. (the Queen told me to get rid of them as fast as I can.) Maybe mew better have something to wash it down with, too.

  Help yourself to a sparkling beverage!

Lloyd Sammy, courtesy of Queen Bitsy Hi Lloyd ... Shibui said to tell ya to go to the Dessert room when ya got here. There are a couple guests she wants ya to meet.

Lloyd: I wonder who they are ... she mentioned she had a surprise for me ....


Queen Bitsy Buffet Table

Queen Bitsy: I have a strange feeling that I've been here before. But things have certainly improved since then. It appears that there is almost enough food to feed a Queen's baseball team. I'll just take a couple of lobsters to nibble on my way to the dessert room. These are so fresh, Shibui must have ordered them from Sylvesta's Super Market.

Shrimp & Lobster
Shrimp & Lobster Shrimp & Lobster


Queen Bitsy stuffs the lobsters in her reticule, picks up a drink and follows Lloyd through the door to the Dessert Room.

Crab Platter courtesy of Sylvesta

She left so fast, she didn't even notice the crab platter!

rose bar

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rose bar

~"Did You Ever See a Dream Walking?" arranged and sequenced by Gerald Ross~

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