Credits & Acknowledgements

We want to thank all our friends for coming to our wedwink and making it an even more memorable occasion. Many kitties dressed themselves, while others wore their best fur coats. Special recognition is given to meowmie's and friends who dressed other kitties. Please let us know, if we have unintentionally overlooked any and we will add them when we return from our honeymoon.


The LuvKittys & Judy

MGD & Spyder

The Royal Artist at Queen Bitsy's Castle

Tiffennee's Secrets

Two Queens Costumery

Appreciative purrs to Shibui's sister Dobbin for making her bridal gown and dressing other members of the wedwink.

Other services provided:

Catnip Champagne provided by The Animation Factory

Catering by Sylvesta's Supermarket

Sammye's services courtesy of Queen Bitsy

Special thanks to:

Henry and Freya, co-leaders of the BFCC and their secretary, Lois, for their suggestions and support.

Cleo's secretary, Sandra Fratt, whose positive outlook on life is an inspiration to all her friends. Her quick wit and keen sense of humor help us keep things in perspective, even on the darkest days.

Madame Troublinski and the Colleti Family for providing additional encouragement and consultations.

Nosy Parker for the rave review in the TCMC March mewsletter

To our forum friends and fellow club members for being there when we needed you most:

Mewsgroups: Acme Cats Window, Roaming with Scrappy, RPCC

Organizations: BFCC, Catuary, CLAW, CLAW Thespians, Lone Star Felines, TCMC

Independent Guilds: Eloquent Cat's Society, Introduction to PSP, Older Cats Society, Victorian Cats Society

Yahoo!/eGroups: Catuary & Literary Society Friends, CLAW Furriends, Friends of Felix, Lone Star Felines

Last, but not least ... our meowmies, Andrea Smith and Pat Crowley, whose friendship has been strengthened by our union.


Art Cat Logo


Victorian Elegance


Our friends at Clydesight2.0! permitted us to use one of their original compositions for our wedwink processional. They also provided encouragement and valuable advice when we most needed it. Although Shibui over-ruled Gert's suggestion about having the ceremony in a football field, it might have been wise to lease Texas Stadium. We hope that all our guests will enjoy the special performance of CATZILLA IV, courtesy of Gert, Eddie, and C.H.U.

Music in reception rooms 1-6 and 8-14 was sequenced by Gerald Ross and used with his permission. Visit Gerald's domain to listen to more of this talented musician's performances and his original compositions.

Musical Selections arranged and synthesized by Gerald Ross:

Chopin Etude
The Carioca
I've Got Rythm
Night and Day
Polkadots and Moonbeams
Skip It
Additional music played on wedwink pages:

Sarabande by J. S. Bach, arrangement © James Kometani

Arrangement and sequence of "Trepak", the Russian Dance from Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker Suite, by R. J. Stratton.

Classical Music Archives

The Carpenters song, "We've Only Just Begun" provided by The Poisson Family and performed by The Boyz.

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These pages are dedicated to Midnight Crowley.
October 31, 1990 - February 19, 2001.

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Every effort has been made to give credit to providers of graphics, mewsic, and other help; unfortunately, many web sites that were online in 2001 are no longer available. When we discover that a linkis ivalid, we will remove it, unless we can find a new address for the web site. Even so, we will leave the credit in hopes that someone will let us know if/when the web site is restored in a new location.

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