Shibui Tosses Her Bouquet!

Who will catch it?


Catfusion reigns as the eligible kitties rush to catch it.



Catfusion reigns!

Daenida and Lady Tia both make a desperate grab for the bouquet, but they collide in mid air. It appears that the bouquet is headed straight for Jazmine's upraised paw! But she is distracted when she sees the shrimp on Sammy's platter. As she reaches for one, she accidentally blocks Lil's attempt to catch the bouquet. Pepe, Swizzle, Keedie, Ginger and other friends rush forward, each hoping that they will be the lucky one. But one kitty is determined to be the next bride! She jumps high into the air and seizes the bouquet with both paws!!


Concatulations, Troubie!!!

Troubie caught Shibui's bouquet!

Al rushes to Troubie's side and all the wedwink guests gather around to concatualate them.

In the midst of all the catfusion, Shibui and Tucker quietly slip out the front door of the Catmore Hotel. Frenchie has arranged for a transporter to take them to an undisclosed destination. Where will they spend their honeymoon? Only Tucker knows for sure and he isn't ready to reveal their secret rendevouz.

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~"Trepak" - Russian Dance from Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker Suite~
~arranged and sequenced by R. J. Stratton~


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