~The Wedwink Processional Begins~

~ The Ring Bearer and Flower Girl lead the way~

Shibui's ring from Tucker Shibui's roses from Tucker
Mulligan Stu Richard Bogey
Mulligan Stu Richard & Bogey Crowley

~Next come the honor attendents~

Best Mancat and MaidCat of Honor:

Jason Smith Dobbin Crowley
Jason Smith and Dobbin Crowley

~Shibui's brothers accompany the BridesmaidCats~

Midnight Crowley Smokey Smith

Midnight Crowley and Smokey Smith

Frenchie Crowley Lily-Belle Smith

Frenchie Crowley and Lily-Belle Smith

~At last, here comes the BrideCat~

Shibui's distinguished friend Farley has the honor of giving the bridecat away.

Shibui Crowley, the beautiful bride Farley McBarley Richard

Shibui Crowley & Farley McBarley Richard, Esq.

A hush falls over the audience, as Queen Midnight
takes her place at the altar.

Shibui hands her bridal bouquet to Dobbin, as the ceremony commences.

rose bar

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rose bar

Victorian Elegance

© Re-Cornation March from Time Travel Clyde:
"The Idiocy and the Oddity"
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