~In the Garden at the Triple C Ranch~

Some guests decided to stay at the ranch instead of flying to Mew York City.

Sandy, the Crowley Cat's d*g, has promised to give them a guided tour. Mr. Birdie & Princess

Mr. Birdie woos his date, Princess, in the open air.
He chirps to Yang, who just flew in from Australia.


Yang feels safer in his cage. He wonders if there are coyotes on the ranch.

Cassie LittleMan

LittleMan brought his wink Cassie to our wedwink.
Aren't they the cutest?

Jacques is here with his lovely friend, Talula.

Jacques  Talula

Jacques: Where did Sandy take Ace? I thought she was going to give us a tour of the ranch?
Talula: I don't know. When she left, all she said was, "Arf!"
Jacques: I think that may be the limit of her vocabulary.

Yang: What's that noise I hear ... it sounds like another tornadito!

The birds and doggies look up and sees a plane overhead. It circles the ranch before landing in the west pasture. In a few minutes, Frenchie alights, jumps over the fence and joins them in the garden.

Frenchie Frenchie: Miaows, Jacques ... Shibui sent me back to the ranch on a mission. If you see Sandy, tell her I'm going to the storm cellar to look for Sunny Delight.

Back at the reception, all the guests are waiting for Frenchie to return from the ranch. They are too polite to ask where the food is, but they are beginning to get hungry. Some wonder when Shibui will throw her bridal bouqet and who will catch it. Others, including Tucker, ask when the wedding cake will be served. You might find out, by following Frenchie to the Storm Cellar. You are also invited to visit the room where Shibui and Tucker's gifts are displayed. Please take time to check out the credits before you leave.

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~Background by Shibui from photograph by her Meowmie~

~"Skip It" arranged and sequenced by Gerald Ross~

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